The Value of Branding for Start-ups

Branding for start–ups can be a critical factor of early survival. Gaining quick market attention, industry recognition, user engagement and universal confidence rely heavily upon effective brand creation. This may be even more so for innovative companies where brand creation is a step ahead of developing a technology.

A new medical start-up EnteraSense saw the value of establishing their brand to assist the creation of their Harvard-developed medical device technology. Their brand was developed along with their website whilst the technology was still in prototype phase. Creating a visual identity which could convey core brand values was critical in securing funding for development. With a developed visual identity the brand itself could begin gaining momentum and strengthening its value as an asset. Developing a brand makes core values visual, deepens business unity and embodies an organisation’s mission. Without this visual representation, rallying support and accruing loyalty can be abstract ambitions.

The brand development and website design for EnteraSense supports and enables the organisation to pursue their mission of developing the medical technology of the future. Their pioneering development can enable early and real-time diagnosis of Upper Gastric Bleeds and thereby lead to prompt medical treatment and a significant reduction in medical healthcare costs. Discover more at